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Manual Testing

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Course Content


Manual Testing

Software Testing

Introduction to s/w Testing

Software Development Process

Project Vs Product

S/W quality

S/W Testing Methods

Roles & Responsibilities of a TE

Environments in Project

Quality Management

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

SDLC Models

Waterfall Model

Prototype Model

Spiral Model

V Model

Agile Model (Scrum)

Testing Methodologies

White Box Testing

Black Box Testing

Gray Box Testing

Testing Levels in SDLC

Review on Requirements

Review on Design

Unit Testing

Statements Coverage

Loops Coverage

Conditional Statements

Path or Branch Coverage

Integration Testing

Big-bang Approach

Incremental Approach

Top Down Approach

Bottom Up Approach

Hybrid/Sandwich Approach

System Testing

Functional Testing

Object properties coverage

Error handling coverage

Input-domain coverage

Calculation coverage

Data base coverage

Links coverage

Non Functional Testing

GUI Testing

Usability Testing

Performance Testing

Recovery Testing

Security Testing

Compatibility Testing

Configuration Testing

Comparative Testing

Installation Testing

Sanitation Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Alpha Testing

Beta Testing

Testing Terminology

Smoke Testing

Sanity Testing


Regression Testing

Ad-hoc Testing

Exploratory Testing

Jump/Monkey Testing

L10N Testing (Localization testing)

I18N Testing (Internationalization testing)

Globalization testing

Mutation Testing

Defect seeding/be-bugging

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Test Strategy

Test Planning

Test Case Design

Fundamental of TC’s

TC Design Technique (BBT)

Types of TC’s

TC Template

TC Reviewing

Test Execution

Defect Reporting & Tracking

Defect Reporting

Defect Life Cycle (BLC)

Severity, Priority

Test Closure

Criteria for Test Closure

Test Summary Reports