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Course Content



Data Warehouse Concepts

• Introduction to the Data Warehouse

• Characteristics Of Data Warehouse

• Differences between OLTP and OLAP

• Facts / Measures and Dimensions

• Architecture Of Data Warehouse

• Various Data Warehouse Tools

Business Intelligence Concepts

• Introduction to Business Intelligence

• Importance of Business Intelligence

• Relation Between Business Intelligence And Data Warehouse

• Tools and Technologies in Business Area

Business Domains And Information Technology

• Introduction to Business Domains

• Information Technology and Business

• Introduction to Data ,Tables

• Introduction to Data Base SQL

Tableau Introduction

• Tableau Introduction and Overview

• Tableau Architecture

• Tableau Desktop , Work Book , Work Sheets and their Usage

• Overview of Tableau Interface

• How to connect to Data Source , Fields / Columns Properties

Data Blending

• Data Blending (Connecting To Multiple Files or Source Types)

• Explaining Joins & Union Concepts

Filters / Parameters

• Defining Filters / Data Source Level Filters /Report( Local) Filters

• Explain Sorting Computed and Manual Sorting

• Defining Groups , Sets , Calculated Fileds , Parameters

• Context Filters , Cascading Filters

Graphs / Maps

• Defining Graphs and Views

• Defining Bar Charts , Line Charts , Pie Charts etc…

• Individual Axis , Dual Axis , Blended Axis

• Defining Filled Maps , Pie Chart , Heat Map, Scatter Plot Charts ,Tree Map and Page Shelf etc…

Aggregating Data

• Defining Aggregating and Disaggregating Data

• Explain Reference Line and Trend Line

• Defining String Function , Date Function & Logical Functions

• Defining Annotation , Mark Labels , Formatting Options

• Defining Drop Lines , Forecasting and Summary Card

Table Calculations

• Table Calculations (Differences , Percentages , Ranks , Running Totals & Moving Totals etc...)

• Advanced Calculations & LOD Functions (Level Of Details)

Dash Boards & Story & Publishing To Server

• Defining Dash Boards

• How to perform Navigations In Dash Board

• Creating interactive Reports in Dash Boards & Describing the Views and using the Customized Dash Board Objects

• Defining Actions And Applying Filters on Dash Board

• Creating Story & Publishing the workbook or Worksheets or Data sources to server and setting permissions in the server

Tableau Server Contents

• Sharing and Publishing

• Interact , Discover

• Embed , Access

• creating users and setting permissions

• Roles and Responsibilities

• Authentication

• Security , Performance

• Scheduling Reports.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau Reader

Tableau Public

Tableau Server

Tableau Online