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Automation testing Selenium with Python

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Course Content



(Included API Testing + Automation Framework)

1) Python Basics:

Introduction to Python:


Python variables, Keywords, Literals

Data Types

- List

- Tuple

- String

- Numbers

- Set

- Dictionary

Conditional Statements in Python

- if

- elif

- else

Python Loops

- for

- while

Functions in Python

Object Oriented Programming

File Handling in Python

Python Exception Handling

2) Selenium Concepts:


- Components

- Features

- Uses and Limitations


Pycharm Installation

Configuration of Python for Selenium

Working with Selenium Webdriver with Python

Run Tests in Chrome, IE, FireFox

Using Selenium to write tests

Locating Elements

Locating by Id

Locating by Name

Locating by XPath

Locating Hyperlinks by Link Text

Locating Elements by Tag Name

Locating Elements by Class Name

Locating Elements by CSS Selectors

Webdriver Commands



- Explicit Waits

- Implicit Waits

Drop Down handling

Drag and drop

Handling Alert Pop ups

Windows handling in Python

Frames Handling in Python


Handling Mouse Actions

Scroll WebPages

Capturing Screenshots with Selenium

Working with Reading and Writing Excel Sheet with Openpyxl


3) Approach and Frameworks:

Unit Test Framework

Introduction to Unit test framework

Methods of Unit Test Framework

Assertions in UnitTest

Skipping Tests in UnitTest

Ruining Test Suite in UnitTest Framework

Page Object Model

- Creating Locators

- Creating Methods

Data Driven Approach with Python Selenium Webdriver

BDD Framework:

- Writing Feature Files

- Creating Step Definition Files

- Running Tests

Pytest Framework: (Testng in Java)

Pytest Framework Introduction

Pytest Fixtures

Parameterize Pytest

Running Multiple tests

Running Parellel Tests

Pytest Framework + HTML Reports

Pytest Framework + Page Object Model + HTML

Pytest + Page Object Model + Allure Reports

ROBOT Framework

Automation Project Creation in Pycharm:

Folder and Packages:

- Page Classes

- Test Scripts

- Utilities

- Logs

- Screenshots

- Reports


- Creating Local Repository

- Add, Push, Pull, Checkout, Commit Code

- Configure Project in Jenkins

- Build Project in Jenkins

4) Real Time Project with Python Selenium Webdriver

5) API Testing:

API Testing using POSTMAN

API Testing with Python ( REST API )

- Working with json files

- Conversion of json to dictionary and vice versa

HTTP Methods


- Variables, Collections, Workspace

- Validating Status Code, Content, Headers

- Using jsonpath to validate the response body

6. Agile Methodology: - JIRA

7. Manual Testing

Interviews Preparation