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Data Structures & Algorithm With Java

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Course Content


Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA) with JAVA

Chapter: 01 Introduction to DSA

Chapter: 02 Problem Solving

Chapter: 03 Time and Space Complexity

Chapter: 04 Notations

Chapter: 05 Aspects of Algorithms

Chapter: 06 Mathematical Algorithms

Chapter: 07 Bitwise opertations

Chapter: 08 Recursion

Chapter: 09 Arrays

Chapter: 10 Matrix

Chapter: 11 Searching and Sorting Techniques

Chapter: 12 LinkedLists

Chapter: 13 Stacks

Chapter: 14 Queues

Chapter: 15 Binary Trees

Chapter: 16 Hashtables

Chapter: 17 Hashing

Chapter: 18 AVL Tree

Chapter: 19 Dictionaries

Chapter: 20 Graph

Chapter: 21 Greedy

Chapter: 22 Backtracking

Chapter: 23 Dynamic programming