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Scrum Master

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive suite of training solutions tailored to meet your needs. Our services encompass both online and offline corporate training options, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for your team's professional development.

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Course Content



Week 1 - Day

Day 1: Introduction to SDLC, Course content discussion, Career options, Prerequisites,

Day 2: Agile Introduction, Agile overview- principles and values

Day 3: Scrum overview-Roles -PO, SM, Developer team -Scrum book

Day 4: Scrum book discussion- Sprint planning

Day 5: Daily scrum - Scrum book discussion

Day 6: Sprint Demo- Scrum book discussion

Week 2

Day 1: Sprint retrospective- Scrum book discussion

Day 2: Scrum values - Scrum book discussion

Day 3: Scrum pillars- Scrum book discussion

Day 4: Jira introduction, Account creation

Day 5: Epic, User stories, writing user stories,

Day 6: Planning poker

Week 3

Day 1: Story points, creating project, completing the project

Day 2: Charts in scrum- Burndown chart, Burnup chart

Day 3: Capacity planning, velocity planning

Day 4: Velocity calculation

Day 5: DOD -Definition of Done vs. Acceptance criteria

Day 6: DOR – Definition of Ready

Week 4

Day 1: Minimum Releasable features (or) Minimum Marketable Features

Day 2: Minimum Viable Products

Day 3: Other Agile frameworks Kanban, Pair programming

Day 4: KPIS, OKRs

Day 5: Scrum master Exam questions

Day 6: Real time scenarios -Discussions