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Data Structures & Algorithm With Python

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Course Content


Data Structures & Algorithms (DSA) with PYTHON

01) Introduction to DSA

02) Sample algorithms and implementation

03) Array data structure

04) One-d array programs

05) Two-d or matrix programs

06) CRUD operations on arrays

07) String data structure

08) String handling programs

09) CRUD operation on string

10) Recursion and its application

11) Sorting and searching

12) List data structure (SLL,DLL,CSLL,CDLL)

13) Stack data structure

14) Queue data structure

15) Hashtable data structure

16) Tree data structure

17) Priority queues and heap data structure

18) Graph data structure

19) Divide and conquer algs

20) Dynamic programming

21) Back tracking

22) Greedy method

23) Complexities

24) Bitmanipulations