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Docker & Kubernetes

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Course Content


Docker & Docker Swarm Orchestration

Introduction to Containers & Docker

Docker architecture & Docker repositories

Pull, Create & Upload Docker images

Using Dockerfile and Docker Compose

Understanding Docker Networks

Understanding Docker Volumes

Creating Docker cluster using Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm Stacks and Container Placement

Docker Swarm Node Availability

Docker Swarm Rolling Updates

Docker Swarm secrets and Container healthcheck

Introduction to Kubernetes

Deploying PODS, Services, Deployments.

Introduction to Kubernetes

Understanding Container Runtime Environments.

Working with YAML files for creating manifests.

Deploying Docker and understanding Docker components like Engine, Networks, Images & Registries.

Creating custom container images with Dockerfile

Why Kubernetes & Understanding Kubernetes architecture and Components.

Understanding the Kubernetes Component Connectivity.

Studying significance of API-Server, ETCD, Kube-Scheduler, Controllers, Kubelet & Kube-Proxy.

Understanding Kubernetes High Availability.

Deploying & Managing Kubernetes using KOPS

What is Kubernetes Operations (KOPS)?

Deploying Kubernetes Production Grade Kubernetes Cluster with on AWS with KOPS.

Understanding components of KOPS.

Scaling the Kubernetes Cluster using KOPS.

Manipulating KOPS configuration for reducing the bill.

Accessing Kubernetes cluster with Kubeconfig

Running Kubernetes basic cluster commands.

Working with Kubernetes POD’s & Deployments

Running Kubectl Commands vs. Deploying Manifests

Overview about POD, Deployment, ReplicaSet, Service & Namespaces.

Deploying, Managing & Troubleshooting PODs.

Deep dive through POD, POD Components, POD-Sidecar, kube-scheduler life cycle.

Managing PODs with EXEC, port-forwarding, POD Metadata &PODEnvironment variables.

Disadvantages of running PODS and Intro to Deployments.

Deep dive with Deployments, Replica Set & Replication Controller.

Differences and use cases of Replica Set & Daemonset.

Creating and Integrating Kubernetes Services

Understating Kubernetes Service and its importance.

Deep dive on Kubernetes Services and understanding Traffic Flow.

Creating ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer & Headless Service.

Understanding & Creating Liveness & Readiness Probes.

Understanding and Creating Ingress Controllers and Ingress Services.

Configure AWS LoadBalancer with Ingress controllers.

Kubernetes Advance Scheduling

Understanding Labels & Annotations

Configuring Labels & Annotations at Node & PODs.

Understanding how Taints and Tolerations work.

Configuring Node Taints and POD Tolerations

Understanding and Configuring Node Affinity.

Understanding and Configuring POD Affinity.

Storage with Kubernetes

Understanding Kubernetes Persistence and Non-Persistent Storage.

Creating non-persistent volumes - emptydir, gitrepo & host-path.

Deep dive in to Kubernetes Persistence Volumes (PV).

Creating Persistent Volume Claims (PVC) with Persistence Volumes.

Understanding Kubernetes Storage Classes and Dynamic VolumeProvisioning.

Kubernetes ConfigMaps & Secrets

Passing command-line variables containers.

Setting environment variables for containers.

Intro to ConfigMaps.

Decoupling configuration with ConfigMap

Working with sensitive data in Kubernetes.

Creating and using Secrets in Kubernetes.

Securing Kubernetes Cluster

How authentication works in Kubernetes.

Deepdive into Kubernetes Namespaces.

Configuring user access to the cluster.

Creating and working with service accounts.

Understanding RBAC in Kubernetes.

Creating Role and Role Bindings.

Creating ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings.

Understanding Blue-Green Deployments & Rolling Updates

Troubleshooting & Updating Kubernetes Cluster

Working with logs in Kubernetes.

Working with Master and Worker Node Failure.

Find and retrieve information about the cluster components.

Performing Rolling Update with KUBECTL with no downtime

challenges with KUBECTL rolling updates.

Running KUBECTL cheat sheet commands.

Kubernetes Jobs & Cronjobs

Understanding differences between Job & Cronjobs

Creating a Job and understanding the attributes.

Use cases for Jobs.

Scheduling with Cron Jobs.

Use cases for Cron Jobs.

Kubernetes with Rancher & K3S

Understanding Rancher & Components

Deploying Racher and access dashboards.

Deploy On-Prem Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher

What is K3S?

Deploying Kubernetes Cluster with K3S application.

Advantages of K3S

POD Level Security with Network Policies

Understanding Kubernetes Network Policies.

Restricting and Allow Traffic between Pods.

Allow & Restrict traffic between Namespaces.

Restricting & Allow traffic based on Application Ports.

Service Mesh with Istio

What is Istio & What is the purpose?

Understanding Istio Architecture.

Deploy Istio on Kubernetes Cluster.

Enable Istio on namespace and deploy application

Checking Sidecars, Kiali, Jaeger

Deploying VirtualService & Gateways

Monitoring & Logging & Cluster Maintenance

Monitoring Cluster Components.

Working with Logs and application logs.

Performing cluster upgrade.

Backup and Restore of Cluster.

Overview about Prometheus monitoring.

Deploying Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes.

Creating dashboards for monitoring.

Understanding Alert Manager.

Working with AWS Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS)

Understanding AWS EKS Architecture

Deploying workloads on EKS Cluster.

Adding & Removing resources to the cluster.


Helm Package Manager

Understanding & Installing Helm 3

Creating Helm Chart and understanding folder structure.

Working with Values.yaml file.

Creating custom charts for Nginx & EFS Provisioner.

Creating & linting Helm Packages.

Understanding Helm Chart Repositories.

Downloading & Installing applications for Helm Repositories.

CI/CD Tools & GitOps Kubernetes Applications

Jenkins & Azure DevOps Overview

Installing Jenkins and installing necessary plugins.

Integrating Jenkins with Kubernetes Cluster.

CI/CD with Jenkins Pipelines.