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Course Content



Getting Started with Snowflake Topics:

Snowflake CLI installation & Configuration

Different Roles in Snowflake Explore - Databases, Schemas and Tables

Snowflake Architecture

Snowflake Virtual warehouses overview

Using Snowflake Topics:

Web Interface

Virtual Warehouses

Databases, Tables & Views


Date & Time Data

Semi-structured Data

Micro-partitioning and Clustering in Snowflake:

Micro partitions in Snowflake

Advantages of Micro-Partitioning

Structure of Micro-Partition

Query Processing in Snowflake

Clustering Introduction

How clustering works & It's advantages

how to Choose the right keys for clustering

Performance tuning

Table types in Snowflake:

Permanent table and fail-safe

Transient table

Temporary table

Transient database in snowflake

Snowflake Continuous Data Pipelines:

Snowflake Continuous stream data integrations Streams,


Snow pipe

Sharing Data in Snowflake:

Introduction to Data Sharing

Data Providers

Data Consumers

Working with Shares

Snowflake Task Feature:

Tasks Intro

Demo SF

task Dependency

Dependency demo

Understanding Snowflake Billing:

Monitoring Credit and Storage Usage

Resource Monitors

User Management

Snowflake Concepts:

SQL in Snowflake

Loading Data – Structured and Semi Structured

Materialized Views

Fail Safe and Time Travel

Cloud Computing

Access Control

Zero Copy Cloning


Snowflake Roles

Window Functions

Stored Procedures

User Defined Functions


Query Profile